Grettings Erasmus+

The Plan "Europe 2020" is the European Union's ten-year jobs and growth strategy. It was launched in 2010 to create the conditions for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Five headline targets have been agreed for the EU to be achieved by the end of 2020. These cover employment; research and development; climate/energy; education; social inclusion and poverty reduction. We want to encourage our students to understand why these targets are important to us and how they can support and contribute to their achievement. These objectives are going to be carried out by means of a great of number of activities that will also improve the mathematical competence and the linguistic and communicative competence in a foreign language.


  • Know in depth "Europe 2020" targets, strategies and activities.
  • Research and compare different social realities in Spain and other countries from the EU.
  • Develop a sense of entrepreneurship through attitudes (self-awareness and self-confidence), knowledge, and skills (communication, presentation and transversal skills).
  • Increase the exposure to English and the performance in English skills through ICT based activities.
  • Develop transversal skills such as the ability to think critically, take initiative, problem solve and creativity through a collaborative work.
  • Produce radio podcasts.
  • Increase the use of ICT and OER to produce and disseminate results to a broader level.
  • Improve the performance to Maths applying the knowledge acquired in social problems.


PARTNERS: Riga 25th Secondary School (Riga), XVIII Gimnazija.(Zagreb), Kungsvägensskola (Sibbo), Istituto di Istruzione Superior Raffaello (Urbino) and IES TRASSIERRA (Córdoba).

PUPIL'S AGE: Pupils aged 14-16 will be the participants in this project so that they can finish the second year of the project with a better knowledge of EU to become active citizens and to increase their competences in ICT, English, Communication and Maths.

ACTIVITIES: the main activities are developed in the mobilities : a mathematic gymkhana competition, a radio program, a theatrical performance and a memorandum. The target of the rest of activities is working the mathematic, linguistic and communicative competences through plays, radio podcasts, a mathematical competition (gymkhana), statistics, documents, the design of information boards, proposals and memoranda among other things.

The expected concrete results are:
  • The activities done by means of digital platforms about Europe 2020.
  • An interactive album about the international meetings.
  • A cultural guide about each school enviroment.
  • Ten panels with relevant information about Europe 2020.
  • Several radio podcasts.
  • An adaptation of a theatre play.
  • A mathematical competition (gymkhana) about Europe 2020.
  • A final memorandum with proposals for the future of Europe.



Croatia, Zagreb - 18 Gimnazija
Finland, Sibbo - Kungsvägen skola
Italy, Urbino - IIS Raffaello
Latvia, Riga - 25 Riga Secondary School
Spain, Córdoba - IES Trassierra