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Córdoba mobility. "The Right Decision"

Córdoba, (Córdoba)
Area: Drama
Date start: 2018-02-12
Date end: 2018-02-18

The Trassierra High School has celebrated the week from the 12th to 16th of February the third international meeting belonging to Erasmus+ project, European Active Citizenship. We have lived intense and unforgettable days and we have carried out many activities, most of them around the peformance of...

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Riga Secondary School No. 25 students playing The Right Choice in Riga

Latvia, (Riga)
Area: Drama
Date start: 2017-12-18
Date end: 0000-00-00

In the May activity in Sippo, we were introduced to the next activities and tasks in Cordoba, which are connected with one of the Europe 2020 goals. In June, we received rules of the task, which was a play script in English about our influence on nature. Already in the summer, students started their...

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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

IES Trassierra, (Córdoba)
Area: Drama
Date start: 2017-06-20
Date end: 2017-06-21

Last June, the students of 1º ESO A and B, who chose musical theater in the subject of free disposal, performed an adaptation of the play "The twelve dancing princesses”, written by the Grimm Brothers.

The play was directed by the teachers Elena Benitez and Antonio Calvo, It was fu...

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Making a podcast

Finland, (Nickby)
Area: Radio
Date start: 2017-05-07
Date end: 2017-05-12

To learn more about podcasting, we visited the YLE X3M one school day. We sat down with Lucas Dahlström and talked about what a podcast really is, how it looks and what we wanted to talk about. Environment is our main subject, but because it`s so wide we decided to talk about plastic. When we had l...

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Croatia, Zagreb - 18 Gimnazija
Finland, Sibbo - Kungsvägen skola
Italy, Urbino - IIS Raffaello
Latvia, Riga - 25 Riga Secondary School
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