Córdoba, (Córdoba)
Area: Drama
Date Start: 2018-02-12
Date End: 2018-02-18

The Trassierra High School has celebrated the week from the 12th to 16th of February the third international meeting belonging to Erasmus+ project, European Active Citizenship. We have lived intense and unforgettable days and we have carried out many activities, most of them around the peformance of the play The Right Decision in English, directed by our colleague Antonio Jesús Calvo and performed in the Góngora theatre of Córdoba by students. Actors and actresses, from the five partner countries (Croatia, Spain Finland, Italy and Latvia) in front of an audience over 550 students from different public bilingual High Schools from the province and Sevilla, have warned us about the risks if we don’t take care our planet. The performance was successful and the experience for students has been awesome. They have learnt not only to act and work in group, but they have shared and enjoyed experiences and, the most important thing, they have made new friends.

From here, we want to thank to all the educational community the support provided, especially thank to the families for hosting foreign students so well and thank to the AMPA because they have thrown themrselves into the project.

Info! There aren't future activities!



Croatia, Zagreb - 18 Gimnazija
Finland, Sibbo - Kungsvägen skola
Italy, Urbino - IIS Raffaello
Latvia, Riga - 25 Riga Secondary School
Spain, Córdoba - IES Trassierra