IES Trassierra, (Córdoba)
Area: Drama
Date Start: 2017-06-20
Date End: 2017-06-21

Last June, the students of 1º ESO A and B, who chose musical theater in the subject of free disposal, performed an adaptation of the play "The twelve dancing princesses”, written by the Grimm Brothers.

The play was directed by the teachers Elena Benitez and Antonio Calvo, It was fully performed in English, except for an English - Spanish speech between acts.

Everyone attending the performance could enjoy a wonderful staging, in which there was music, dancing, and a very special atmosphere.This play has taken part of the bilingual project in our school.

We would like to thank to both, Trinidad Berral and Mercedes Fernández, for their work with the students of 1º ESO A, B who did not choose drama subject, they were in charge of staging the performance. We’d also like to thank to Francisco Muñoz, art teacher, for making a wonderful magic forest on stage, and of course, to Teresa Motilla, who was behind the scenes helping in anything we needed.

Thank so much all the students who participated in the play for the hard work they carried out throughout this year, and specially , their enthusiasm at every time. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!

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